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Photography Management and iOS

:warning: This content is out of date, and new tools have since been available to photography management on iOS.

As someone who is an amateur/semi-pro photographer and uses Apple products, I have tried to use my iPhone and iPad in my photography workflow. This is a working post of my thoughts on the use of iOS devices in my photography and videography workflow.
This post is for photographers who edit many photos at a time. This post is not for photographers who want to only edit a few photos at a time.

Things I Like

  • The ability to edit photos in other apps from iOS Photos’ edit menu.
  • Ease of import to iPhone or iPad via SD Card to Lightning adapters.

General Anoyances

  • Photo naming when shared or exported from Photos is woefully inconsistent.
  • Airdrop is not feasible for large photo/video transfers
  • Speed
  • Reliability
  • When moving photos from iOS to Mac, you must import directly to the Photos to keep edits (can’t use image capture)
  • To delete photos from iOS, you must delete the photo, delete it again from the trash can, then delete the album it was in.
  • Photo Ordering is seemingly inconsistent. For instance, if you were to shoot a sequence of images with a GoPro, then import them , they would be completely out of order.
  • Duplicate photos are checked for when you are importing files from the same camera or card on iOS , and they will already be checked green if they are in your library to prevent importing duplicates. However, if you import images to your iPhone, then Airdrop them to your iPad, your iPad will not show the images as already imported if you connect the same camera or card.

Exporting a photo

  • Import the unedited photo using Transmit’s interface
  • Export the unedited photo from Photos to Transmit
  • Make an edit to the photo using Photos’ built-in editing options and export from Photos to Transmit
  • Make an edit to the photo via the Pixelmator photo editing extension and export from Photos to Transmit